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The Archbishop's Christmas Message 2012

Dear fellow Hong Kong citizens,
Peace be with you. Christmas is the feast of love, harmony, joy, peace and caring. However, as we are preparing for celebrating this feast, I cannot help but ask how much of these Christmas spirit had been realized in the community of Hong Kong in the past year?
For most part of the past year, people felt that the Hong Kong society was full of annoyance and disturbance.  Mutual distrust and mutual disrespect had pervaded all strata of the society: doubts and rejections between people and the government, between the locals and the immigrants, and between legislature and the executive.  The root of all these issues, which was more or less related to the inappropriate policies implemented by the Government of Special Administrative Region in recent years, had been further manipulated by a number of opportunist politicians and the sensational media who had kept these issues alive by scorning and pointing an accusing finger at someone.  The daily news is full of stories of suffocating resentments, overwhelming arguments, frightening evil countenances, vulgar and abusive language, and body contacts. All these had divided and torn up the society as well as had caused people to be loathing, angry and resisting.
Hong Kong had often locked in long-term confrontations over certain issues, which not only resulted in dividing the society, but also in trampling on human dignity. Fortunately, the majority of our citizens still remain rational to refuse violent and marginalizing behaviors because they understand that Hong Kong cannot afford to pay for the price of a divided society constantly engaged in ferocious fights.  All of us hope that the place we live, Hong Kong, will be full of mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual help and mutual love. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to defend such values and ideals. One way to take up the responsibility is to ask what I can do to change the present situation. 
Mutual attacks and accusations had earlier erupted among the Americans after a serious shooting incident in their country. In response, President Obama pointed out that the most important thing was to stop and think about whether all these arguments would help heal or cause harms.
The meaning and spirit of Christmas is to remind us that it is the time to stop and think about what kind of Hong Kong that we wish to live in? Apart from rubbing salt into the wound over contentious issues, are there more meritorious and meaningful things that can be done? Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Incarnation, who became man to restore mankind’s humanity and dignity, to ask us to accept and tolerate differences. His incarnation reveals how important mankind is in God’s eyes. Therefore, if duality is our way of thinking, such as “I am right and you are wrong”, “either black or white”, and refusing to give-in and compromising, then we do not understand the real nature of humanity, but would push the society to the verge of dehumanization.
The incarnation of Jesus has the power to change the life of humankind, because he took down all the barriers among mankind: the rich and the poor, the ruler and the ruled, races and colors, man and woman, and to allow all to live together as “we all become one in Christ”. The power of Jesus to convert the hearts of mankind is with us in Hong Kong. He brings the new way to life, gives people the ability to change their present situation, changes people from selfishness to selfless, from doubt to mutual trust, from violence to peace, from rejection to inclusiveness, from pride to humility, and from weakness to strength.
Thus, Christmas brings us not only joy and happiness, but also a new perfect relationship between God and mankind, between people and people. Such a new relationship is what Hong Kong needs mostly at present. May the Christmas spirit be rooted and grown in this piece of land and bear fruits.
Lastly, I wish all fellow citizens a Merry Christmas and a happy life.
2012-12-24   更新
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