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Go the Extra Mile to Share God's Love - Please Support Organ Donation

     I am very grateful for your presence tonight in support of a film show which is part of the Project “Act of Love”, and the inauguration of the "To Love is to Give ~ Supporting Organ Donation Campaign". I would like to register my special thanks to our two officiating guests, Dr the Honourable York Chow, the Secretary for Food and Health, and Dr Regina Ching, who both find time amidst their heavy duties and commitments to attend the event. I am also very appreciative of the presence of Dr Chau Ka-foon of the Hong Kong Society of Transplantation, ex-transplant patients who are here to share with us their experiences, and two members of our clergy, who will help us to know and learn more about the significance of organ donation. We will, in tonight’s proceedings, get to know more about how to contribute to this very worthy cause.
     Today is Palm Sunday, a very important feast day for Christians. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem today riding a donkey, and the people welcomed Him with palm branches in their hands as if He was their sovereign king. However, in less than a week’s time, He was condemned. He suffered, was crucified, and died. In our belief, Christ gave His own life, His own body to obtain the redemption of Mankind.
     To a Christian today, or perhaps to anyone living in our age, giving one’s own life to save others rarely comes to the mind -- unless in highly exceptional circumstances such as an earthquake, a tsunami, or an accident of immense proportions. It thus follows that, at peaceful times, very few of us would seriously consider making a sacrifice for other people. As an act of support for this campaign of the Project “Act of Love”,I have looked up some statistical data, and Dr Chow and Dr Ching please free to correct me if my data are not accurate. While there are many parts and organs in the human body that are amenable to transplant to help other patients, there were, in 2010, only 74 patients in Hong Kong who had benefited from a kidney transplant from deceased persons, and just seven who received a kidney transplant from living persons. However, up to the end of the same year, there were 1,621 patients still awaiting a kidney transplant. There were also 42 patients who had received a liver transplant from deceased persons, and 53 had benefited from the transplant of liver from living persons. The waiting list, by the end of the year, stood at 91 strong. In other words, many patients and their families have been waiting for a long time in various states of despair and helplessness. Some patients have to wait for a decade or two, while less fortunate ones would simply die before an organ donation in their favour occurs. I have also been told by the parents of a medical student that, at university, several students often have to work on a body together, as there were not enough cadavers in supply.
     The Project “Act of Love” is a project of social concern which the Province of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui fully endorses and supports. The project, which began two years ago, aims at providing services to people in need and their families. It has also been our policy to encourage members of the Anglican community here to brave the storm and face the vicissitudes of life with fortitude, and at the same time to develop a concern for our neighbours. By translating our concern into practical actions, we are perpetuating our fine tradition of being a “caring church”. 
     For this reason, I am supposing hat everyone here tonight will be a Caring Angel of the Anglican Church in Hong Kong, with the will to offer help to those patients that I have just mentioned. By completing an organ donation card, or undertaking a simple registration process on the internet, we will be in a position to offer assistance to as many as seven individuals and their families. Our sacrifice is limited to offering a body which will not be of much other use after our demise, and this is indeed a small cost compared to its great significance.
     I believe that all of us here are in support of organ donation, but I would like to remind everyone who cares to register that you must keep your family informed about your decision. You may also wish to take it a step further by encouraging them to participate in the project. As Christians, we are totally at ease when we consider matters pertaining to our own death, and make arrangements as appropriate. And of course we will not procrastinate from doing something worthwhile just because we “do not want to take the trouble”.
     Here I would like to call upon everyone to give his or her support to the appeal slogan of the Project “Act of Love”, namely, "Walking the extra mile to share in the love of the Lord”, and to spread the message to the community at large. It is very much to be hoped that, in the year to come, success will be achieved in this worthy cause on account of your efforts and advocacy, and that the Great Love of Christ may thus be more worthily manifested. In a few minutes time we shall be watching The Blind Side, a most meaningful film. I am sure you will all like it, and let us all be concerned, and act to help.
     May I thank you for your attention, and may the Peace from Above be always with you.
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